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Mom Rage

May 29, 2018

This week, Edan and Amelia talk about how having kids has affected their marriages; Edan shares some advice from therapist Esther Perel. They're then joined by Meaghan O'Connell (26:05), author of And Now We Have Everything: On Motherhood Before I was Ready

May 22, 2018

This week, Amelia talks about her interest in ritual as a way of healing, specifically in the wake of a difficult visit from her mother. Meanwhile, Edan gets some tough critiques on the decor—or lack thereof—in her daughter's room, which leads to some deep motherly introspection. They're then joined by midwife...

May 14, 2018

In this episode, Edan tells Amelia why she decided to have a HBAC (home birth after caesarean), and the two discuss whether having a third kid would be a terrible or great idea. Plus, Amelia airs her grievances against Luke Bryan and his dumb country song “Most People Are Good." At minute 26:00, they’re joined by...

May 1, 2018

In their inaugural episode, Amelia and Edan discuss why they’re starting this podcast and what the phrase “Mom Rage” means to them. They talk about how their rage relates to their own upbringings, and why the very word “mom” makes them squirm a little.