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Mom Rage

Nov 25, 2019

Amelia and Edan talk about their experiences with student-teacher conferences and then discuss a recent New York Times op-ed about declining fertility around the world. At about 37:00, they interview speaker, author, and mother of three Reesheda Graham-Washington about Sweet Rest, an organization that prioritizes rest...

Nov 19, 2019

This week, Edan and Amelia discuss a recent This American Life segment about parents of short-ish kids asking doctors for human growth hormone to assist their children in growing more. Then, Edan gets into all her recent parenting drama and Amelia talks about a recent meltdown--her own. At about 35:00, they interview

Nov 12, 2019

This week, Amelia and Edan talk about the art (from paintings to documentaries) that provides refuge from parenthood, or that makes us feel alive during the muck of raising little kids. At about 29:30, they interview visual artist Carolyn CastaƱo about her work, how parenthood has changed her process, and...

Nov 4, 2019

Amelia is going back to her therapist and Edan feels bad about how critical she is as a mom. They then address a listener question about the post postpartum body and how to come to terms with change and aging. At 35:00, they interview author Darcey Steinke about her book Flash Count Diary: Menopause and the...